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October 23, 2006



lots of love

Grandpa Skip

What a beautiful child (parents aren't bad either).Hope to see you in person at Thanksgiving.


I watched it twice, cried hardest with the first picture of you guys and baby Lula, so beautiful, so beautiful. You are her angels and she is yours. Where did you find that song! So perfect. Fantastic!

love -Angie

Grandpa Neal

Well... you did it again! Grandma is crying after viewing the video. I'm not (well, not much anyway).

Lula's our darling Granddaughter and we enjoy every minute spent with her.

Grandma Judy

"Lula Lu...Don't Make Me Cry"

......well, once again I did!

It's been a wonderful year with Lula and have enjoyed every minute of it!

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